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Hello Blijf Actief,

I hope all is well with you.
I promised to send you a short letter saying I was pleased with the work done by you and Marc. I have attached it in English for you. I could google translate it into Dutch but you are more able to give your version of what I have said.
I hope it is OK
Kind regards,
New Wet Room ...

I am writing a few words in praise of the service I received from Blijf Actief.

In the summer of 2014, my mother, who is living with me in my house, took very ill. After 5 weeks in hospital she returned home but was no longer able to climb the stairs to her bedroom nor climb the small step into the shower. The situation meant I had a temporary electric bed in the lounge so she could use this area as a bedroom. Obviously this was unsatisfactory for more than a few weeks. My first obstacle was to get a lift installed so my mother could get into her own bed. The shower room problem though seemed more of a challenge.

I was given the contact details of Blijf Actief from an Occupational Therapist working for Partena. Griet from Blijf Actief came to my home to look at a solution. The proposal looked wonderful. I was given a design to change the shower room into a wet room. In this there would be no step for my mother to climb as there was now no shower cubicle and the room would be more spacious for the care helpers too. The new toilet was planned as 5 cms higher to make it easier for someone with walking difficulties. There would be a grab rail by the shower fixture for support. A plastic fold away chair was to be placed by the shower area for extra comfort and safety. The floor would be made new with non slip tiles and there would be a slight slope to the floor by the shower fixture for water drainage. The room was to be tiled plain white and made easy to clean.

I agreed to the work with a proviso that it was kept in the agreed cost and time frame. I have to say the work was done quickly, professionally and in time at the cost agreed. The workers were all punctual, courteous and skilled.

From my experience, I would highly recommend Blijf Actief to do the design and work needed to transform areas of the home for an elderly or disabled person. The wet room looks superb and yet it is easy for care workers to use. Both our family doctor and the nurses who come here have all praised the safety features and improvements made.

Blijf Actief

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